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Ice Roller Wand

Ice Roller Wand


A soothing, cool tool to help increase blood flow and drain fluid, which in turn helps reduce puffiness. This can be especially effective for those under-eye bags after those late nights or early mornings. Whether you just had an invasive skincare treatment or you have a pesky pimple, an ice roller is the best way to help your skin recover. With the combination of increased blood flow and cold application, it will soothe your skin, reduce redness, and increase the speed of recovery. Since ice rollers help stimulate the blood flow in your face, if you use them at the end of your AM or PM skincare routine, they can help your skin absorb your products even more. We recommend using the ice roller about 5-10 mins after you’ve applied your products. In addition to all the benefits above that an ice roller brings, it is a quick and easy way to show yourself a little self love! Even if you use it for 3-5 minutes in the morning while you sip your coffee or tea - it’s an amazing pick-me-up to get your day started.

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